Fair Skinz (For Women Only) (For Women Only)

Benefits: Fairz Women skin whitening cream contain kojic acid, beta arbutin,alpha hydroxyl acid, which help to reduce the formation of new dark pigments,whitens the skin and reduces wrinkles. The cream deeply nourishes skin, gives you glowing,fairer,smoother skin,make your skin look more hydrated,elastic and more toned.

Ingredients: Aqua, undecyl-10-enoyl-phenylalanine, Kojic acid dipalmitate, Alpha hydroxyl acid, Niacinamide, Beta arbutin, Collagen stimulator, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Tocopherol, Zinc oxide, Titanium dioxide, Cetosteryl alcohol, Propylene glycol, Paraben, Fragrance.

How to Use: Gently wash the face with a mild cleanser. Rinse & pat the skin dry. Firstly Fair Skinz 1 should be applied once or twice a day. Apply a thin film of the cream to the face. Rub lightly and uniformly into the skin, after the Fair Skinz 1 finished then use Fair Skinz 2. During the day, use a sunscreen of SPF 60.

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